Mastering Communication Intelligence &
Active Listening in under 8 hours

Excellent Communication is paramount in today’s workplace

The Mindset CQ™ – ‘Mastering Communication Intelligence and Active Listening’ course contains 8 lessons that can each be completed in 50 minutes.

Each lesson is designed to help technical and non technical professionals rapidly master the communication techniques necessary to be both employable and succeed today.

Speak Authoritatively. Understand Deeply. Negotiate Effectively.

Mindset CQ™provides rapid upskilling through entertainment storytelling and compelling real-world examples that professionals can apply immediately.

8 hours of NASBA-compliant accredited content (with each lesson receiving 1 CPE credit). Mindset CQ introduces strong communication techniques and how to effectively use them.

The value of edutainment and micro-learning

BoxMedia no longer accepts tick the box type training as it doesn’t stick and people don’t learn. In order to have paradigm shifts Box has rebuilt learning methodologies by using science and edutainment to rapidly increase knowledge understanding.

Engaging with movie-style mini-series content increases confidence in overall knowledge by 21%. Moreover, 99% of learners would recommend this type of learning to others. [Ref]

Micro-learning is 17% more efficient and tracks 50% more engagement than traditional learning – making it perfect for rapid upskilling.[Ref]

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What is CQ™ and why is it important?

BoxMedia believes one of the fastest ways to increase your learning is to infuse learning content with communication intelligence. We do this by using proprietary science driven methodology CQ: Communication Quotient™.

Communication is not a passive activity. In order to be effective, listening needs to be turned into an active task that requires intention, attention, focus, and empathy.

CQ™ prepares you to be fluid within your communication both in understanding and delivery.

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About Us

The Mindset CQ™ series is brought to you by BoxMedia’s incredible team of experts from a number of different fields, including cognitive sciences and psychology alongside Hollywood filmmakers and award-winning storytellers.

This programme helps anyone rapidly master skills in a way that finally creates those ‘eureka’ moments relevant to your everyday working life.

Our carbon pledge: aim for zero, build the future.

    “Box’s content is as bingeable as a Netflix series… Box brings humanity and entertainment to corporate learning”


    Innovation Lead, Accenture